Friday, October 08, 2004

The Week is Over. . .

Wow, after a long, hectic week with four papers, a prelab, and lots of regular class stuff to do, it's finally over. I have finished my last class of this Friday and all I have to do now is fix the citations in my DV midterm paper and print it and then I am so DONE! Next week is not nearly as hectic with only a Final Rough Draft and lots of reading on the calendar so far. Thank goodness that I can finally relax.

I think we're gonna go watch a speech at the ISIS convention tonight, but other than that, I'm going to buy me some icecream and watch a movie or finally get back to working on Mission to see if I can finish it for a contest. . .not to mention finish an essay on global and distance learning for another scholarship. . .maybe I'll get the money to go to Italy after all. . . :)

MOOD: pretty happy. Needing sleep and sugar relaxation.

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