Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Journal 3 for Advanced Composition Choose or Lose: VOTE

First of all, I have made no secret of my personal views on this coming election and the fact that I believe the current President, George W. Bush has done the job he set out to do in office and deserves reelection. But, if I were not so biased, i.e. if Bush had not already served 4 years where I was allowed to view the actions he takes in office, I believe I would still vote for Bush on the following basis:

1. He has not personally put out ads defaming his opponents and has publicly asked for any ads on the air that do, to come to an end. Hence the reason the “Swift Boat Captains for Truth” ad is no longer played. Kerry, on the other hand attacked Bush for not personally calling out the creators of that ad. If Bush would have, it could have cost him support and caused an embarrassment issue with the creators. The fact that Bush called for the ad to be removed at all is very diplomatic of him, because he did not pay for the ad to be made and was not required to do anything about it.

2. Bush did not receive a purple heart in the Vietnam incident for shooting himself in the foot. Kerry advocates will argue that at least Kerry served in the military, but Bush did serve in the military, just in the National Guard. In times of war, even when the conflict is not on our home territory, military personnel is still needed to maintain security at home and be on call incase more troops should be needed in what ever country we are fighting. Bush did not dodge the draft like Clinton, but just because he was not in the middle of the conflict does not mean he does not know what was going on. Those who were the guard with Bush have given testimony to the fact that he was a great leader and a trustworthy person, but several of the men who served with Kerry have stated that he can not be trusted. Furthermore, his one kill in Vietnam was a crippled child that was running away from him.

3. Bush has taken a standpoint on each of the issues and sticks to his beliefs, while considering the beliefs of others. Perhaps maintaining a steadfast position in light of new details is not always a good thing, but at least he hears the issues and judges accordingly. Bush’s faith may not think gay marriages are appropriate, but Bush himself understood that marriages should be between people who love each other, not for the government or an overall church to decide. This nation was founded on many different beliefs, and should continue to be that way. Kerry, on the other hand, decides his viewpoint on the people he is talking to. While it is good to consider your audience, the goal of the speaker should be to persuade those who do not agree to their side of thinking, not to lie to them and say you feel the same way, only to turn around and tell their opposition the same thing.

4. Bush does not speak down to his audience, even though he graduated from Yale. Bush’s speeches, although probably not written by him, seem to speak directly into the heart of American people. He does not gloss over the facts with words the average American would have to look up, nor does he use technical jargon that is hard to follow. He continues to rally people to his cause, rather than watch them pass out in their seats from boredom. I ask you this, would you rather have someone who you don’t understand giving a speech of something that is important to your future, or someone who will tell you the important things in terms easy to understand?

It is not for me to decide who people should vote for, but when you do vote, I ask that you consider the facts as they are presented. Be sure you discern the truth between all the propaganda and lies.

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