Friday, March 02, 2012

Paper Pieced Designs

Hey there Geeky Crafters!

I know some of you already know, but I wanted to share it here anyway.  I don't want this blog to be all about business, but since I'm just starting, I'll post and you won't hear it anymore.  I've started an Etsy business for my paper name plates and a facebook to follow it.  Here are the links if you're interested in seeing them:

Here's a few samples of my work.  I'll continue to share my work of course and some of my cutting files!

Here's the sign I made for my parent's billiard room.  It's simple in black and green, but I added a couple of metallic pen lines to delineate the shaft of the pool stick.  I also added some Ranger Glossy Accents to the 8 on the ball to make it stand out.  I didn't want to distract too much from the overall feel of the picture.
Here's the one for my brother-in-law and his beautiful bride-to-be!  They're going with a ranch/cowboy theme for their house, so, we went with a brown cover over a leather style background.  I really like how the boot in the middle came out.  I used the Glossy Accents again to accent the diamonds in the letters. She told me that she really like it, so I'm happy and I can't wait to give it to her!  I have two for her kids too, but I can't post those pictures until I give them to her, because what they look like is a surprise!  I hope this inspires you to get creative for yourself and your family!

Tell me all about your crafty endeavors below, or share your pictures on my facebook page!