Friday, November 12, 2004

Guilty Guilty Guilty

*Does a great big happy dance* Okay. I'll try to calm down now. Deep breaths.

Okay, so today, on November 12, 2004, the Final verdict for the Laci Peterson murder case was announced. Scott Peterson was convicted on one count of 1st degree murder of Laci Rocha Peterson and one count of 2nd degree murder of Conner Peterson, Laci's unborn son. I've been following this trial for the last 5 1/2 months, and while I have to give props to Mark Geragos' team for their attempt to cause doubt and get an accuital, it wasn't going to happen. Plus, it really looks bad if you 'have other business' to attend to on the day the verdict is being handed out. I mean, he knew that was happening, it's been happening for 5 months!

Anyway, I'm glad they got him, and I'm glad he's getting charged with Connor's murder too. I mean, he wasn't even remorseful at her funeral or when they were looking for her, instead he was on the phone with Amber Frey. And then, that sob story on 20/20 or whatever. . .he hated that Laci was so happy. Bastard. I mean, he even tried to sell her stuff before they found Laci's body. That right there tells you that he knew she wasn't coming back. . .not to mention the blood in the truck and the boat, the boat not being known to anyone but him, the hair on the pliers, the neighbor seeing him carry away a large object covered in a tarp. . .you don't mistake large body shaped things, esp the size it would have to be to be Laci's body for umbrellas. He took a shower and had a snack before he realized her car was there, but she was gone, and he did lots of cleaning that afternoon after he returned. . .Laci was supposed to be cooking, not cleaning.

I'll stop now. He did it. They caught him, and I'm glad.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Week Two

Okay, half way through week two and I'm trying not to go crazy. Actually, I'm probably crazy already, but I'm going to deny it while I get this done. I finished a 10 page Science seminar paper in like 3 days, and I sent it already so that I don't fret over it until Thursday. I thought I had a H.E.L. test due on Friday, but it's not due until next Friday, so I have a bit of time to finish and I can quit stressing about finishing it in two days. My word count is climbing little by little, and I'm not passed the half way mark in the time or words yet, but I'm barrelling toward it. I'm a day behind on my writing and posting because of my paper, but I will catch up this weekend, and then double time it through week four when I'll be at home for most of it, right until the deadline on that Tuesday after I'm back. I have a full week off for Thanksgiving when I just have to start DV and work on my HEL paper, which won't be too bad, and my Tech Project for AdvComp, and finish my Creative Non Fiction piece for the first. . .so I do have to write that one over the break. . .maybe I have more to do over break than I thought. . .I better get going. . .class starts soon and I have lots to do!


P.S. Woohoo fun with color!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day Two

Nanowrimo has officially been going on for two days, and I have posted my allotment for those days (roughly 1,667 words a day). So, for the next month, don't expect too many posts here. I have too much to do to run both blogs, so unless I get a couple of free minutes, to see my progress go HERE Take care and See you on the Flip-side of November!

Wish me luck!

P.S. - Two and a half papers for Thursday down, one and lots of printing left!