Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just under 9 hours and counting. . .

That means I have to finish my cultural codes essay today so that I can get my book back from Cassi and start on my DV paper so that I don't have to worry about those and I can get SciSem out of the way so that I can write on my novel. Whew! That's a lot on my plate, but if I work really hard I can take an hour off for good behavior and work on my novel for Nanowrimo tomorrow. . .plus it will help not having Adv. Comp on Tuesday because of election day (GO Bush!) So far, I have 9 characters that are major and two or three minor (at least everyone has names, unlike the story that went in Argus last year where my two characters only had nicknames). . .I also have to decide what piece I want to send to Argus this year. That's coming up soon too. . .I think I have a piece I like, and I want to expand on my elven piece, but that will have to wait until at least January so I have at least a month to edit, but I'll probably need two, so February it is. :) So, I'm going now. . .papers need to get done sometime. . .and blogging won't get them done any time soon.

*MWAH* *huggles*


Friday, October 29, 2004

2 full days left . . .

Well, I finally got to talk to John about Nanowrimo. . .He's participating. It's going to be a really busy month, but I think I'm up to the challenge. . .Granted, I've already got characters and a plot, but I don't have an ending, and some plot points are still pretty shaky. . .Plus, I have about a million and a half other things to write. Here's what's left of my list:
  1. Cultural Codes Full Rough Draft for Advanced Composition. Due: 11-4
  2. Democratic Vistas Position Paper 2 on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Due 11-4
  3. Cultural Codes Final Paper due 11-6 at 5pm
  4. Physics Test #3 - 11-8
  5. Proposal for "History of the English Language" (ENGL 4000) research paper - maybe this wouldn't be too bad if I had a topic. :) Due: 11-8
  6. Science Seminar Paper: I finally narrowed it down to two topics and I'm going to the library tomorrow. The paper must be at least 10 pages with 3 outside sources. Due: 11-11
  7. receiving another Take Home Exam for H.E.L on 11-12 Due 11-19
  8. H.E.L. Research Paper. Due 11-29
  9. Creative nonfiction Final due on 12-1
  10. Democratic Vistas Final Long Paper Due 12-8
  11. Creative nonfiction Book Review Due 12-10
  12. Physics Final 12-13

That will see me through till the end of the semester. It seems like so much in a list, but I know I can handle it. At least I don't really have to study for Physics, I just have to do the Lab Papers and Pre-Labs once a week. I really don't want to have to take Physics 2, but I don't have any other choice because Writing as a Profession (the capstone of my curricula) and Ecology 2, the other science I took, are only offered every other year, so they wouldn't be offered again until after my projected graduation date. Therefore, I can't take a science this Spring, and I have to wait until next Spring when I'm writing my thesis and trying to graduate to finish my sciences for this retard school. So, I'll have all writing classes next semester, except for Thesis Research Methods. Here's my classes that I plan to take:

  • Intro to Analytical Writing - MWF - 10am-10:50am - 3
  • Advanced Grammar - MWF - 1pm-1:50pm - 3
  • Computers and Composition - M - 5pm-8pm - 3
  • Writing as a profession - TR - 9:30am-10:45am - 3
  • Fundamentals of Linguistics - TR - 11am-12:15pm - 3
  • Technical Composition - W - 6pm-9pm - 3
  • Thesis Research Methods - F - 2pm-2:50pm - 1

  • That's 19 credit hours, which means I only have to take 14 for one of my semesters in my final year, which might help with that lab I'm supposed to take, and thesis, but I have to reorganize my schedule to show what I've already taken and what I'm projected to take.

    Well, I better get going, I have to see about working on my proposal and getting some sleep since I didn't go see Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. . .And it's not playing tomorrow. . .And that's sad. I wanted to go see it, but Aaron didn't, and well. . .We watched History of the World Part one instead. . .He says he thought it was tomorrow night, but I kept saying tonight, so I guess he just misheard or misunderstood me. . .It doesn't matter. I might go cry now. . .I need a god cry to get all the stress and frustration out of my system. . .At least I'm going back on my regular birth control pills now so I won't be as hormonally imbalanced. Sometimes I wonder if Aaron and I will stay together forever. I mean, I love him, but sometimes I get so frustrated that it seems like it might be over any day. . .And others, I can't wait to see him again. I guess that's just part of relationships and being so young. I mean, I'm 20 years old now and my hormones haven't balanced yet. . .But that could just be because I'm a late bloomer. It doesn't matter, really. . .And I have to go now.


    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Journal 5 (AdvComp) Cultural Codes

    After all this discussion concerning "cultural codes," what have you seen on TV most recently that has caused you to think about them?

    “Cultural codes” on television seems like too broad of a spectrum to discuss. I don’t watch TV much, I don’t even have a TV in my dorm room, and the little TV I do watch plays the same set of commercials over and over because it is so late that they just program the server on repeat (those of you who watch Inuyasha and Wolf’s Rain on Adult Swim know what I mean). The one commercial that really sticks in my head, (besides the freaky one for “The Grudge” that made me not want to use the dorm showers) is the one for the Chocolate Factory.

    Now I know that that’s cheesy, but I really want one. I am a chocoholic and I can’t help it. It appeals to the cook in me because I know how hard it is to melt chocolate without burning it and keep it melted smoothly. I’ve burnt many a chocolate bunny. Plus, I love making gifts. I could make chocolate gifts for all my chocoholic friends and then we could go to “lose weight/help I’m addicted” meetings together, wouldn’t that be fun? I suppose it says that “The ideal dessert should be/do/have chocolate, but I didn’t need a commercial to tell me that, I’m already an addict. Perhaps on a deeper level it discusses that “the ideal woman should make better desserts her whole family will not be bored with,” but that may be reaching.

    Monday, October 25, 2004

    Count down to NanoWriMo

    Okay, there are 6 days until NaNoWriMo actually begins, and I'm already kicking myself for signing up. I have to write 1,667 words every day to reach 50K, but I have so much to do for my classes. I have a:

    1. Cultural Codes Rough Draft and Final Paper due (10-28, 11-4)
    2. HEL Take Home Exam (10-29)
    3. Lead Seminar on Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee (11-4)
    4. 1 Paragraph proposal for HEL Research Paper (11-8)
    5. Physics Test #3 (11-8)
    6. SciSem Term Paper Due (11-11)
    7. Recieve another Take Home Exam for HEL (11-12, due 11-19)

    That's a whole lot of stuff to cram all before Thanksgiving. . .I hope I can handle it. . .Wait, I know I can. . .better get started! Plus, I want to be relaxed enough to work on my figures over Thanksgiving, and I have to start bringing stuff home because i can't leave it up here during the holidays. . .:( I sure hope they don't condem the building over break. . there's no fricking way I'm living in Sabine with Aaron living in Rapides. . .they can't do that to the Scholars.

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    NaNoWriMo Challenge

    I've started another blog for NaNoWriMo. For those of you who don't know what NaNoWriMo is, it's short for National Novel Writing Month. That's November, in case you didn't realize it. I'm going to try to finally finish Mission Complete, since I've been working on it forever and have never even come close to finishing it, maybe this will give me the incintive I need. You can read what I have so far HERE. Wish me luck, 50,000 words is a lot of letters!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    The Blame of Advertising?

    Perhaps “society” is the wrong “person” to blame for the effects of advertising on people. For the most part, I believe that it is the result of the individual’s self-control that causes downfalls such as eating disorders and gambling addictions, but one must remember that these are like diseases in many ways. The ‘user’ feels helpless to stop once they have started and at that point, perhaps they need someone else to step in take part of the responsibility from them until they have learned to control their problem. A lot of the times, these things get out of hand not because of the constant advertising, but because of the inability of the person to admit there is a problem. It is not the responsibility of the company to change their advertisements because someone believes this caused their problem. The point of advertising is to create a need for people to buy their product. As a consumer, a person should be able to discern what is good for them and what is a need, versus what is a want that could in the long run do damage to their mental and or physical being. In this manner, I do not think “society” should be blamed for the effects, they are only PART of the cause. The other part of the cause is the weakness of the person, and in this manner they should seek help for these weaknesses instead of seeking to exploit the companies because of personal downfalls.

    I agree that there are many temptations in the media, but there are temptations everywhere, not just media advertising, but store advertising and visual perseptions. The media will not tell you not to buy it simply because that would be the opposite of what they want. It is up to the consumer to put a limit on the things they buy. Just because I like McDonalds French Fries doesn't mean I need to SuperSize them and eat the whole box when I'm not that hungry. No one can tell you your limits, you must discern them for yourself.

    Thursday, October 14, 2004

    One day at a time . . .

    Okay, so the week is almost over and I've only got a few more things to do and then I can play Nintendo and poker and read what I want all weekend. Well, I do have to start on my project for CNF and possibly start on my paper for SciSem because they're both due at the same time, but that will be about all. . .Maybe I won't have any homework in Physics. . .Maybe, but I doubt it. We're starting centrifical force or some bullshit like that.

    Oh well. . . anyway, I guess I better go work on my Physics PreLab or something useful so I can get it all done before I crash tomorrow. . . Whew, October has come early. ..this year is FLYING past.

    The Cute Kitty.

    P.S. - Check out my webpage!

    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    Journal 3 for Advanced Composition Choose or Lose: VOTE

    First of all, I have made no secret of my personal views on this coming election and the fact that I believe the current President, George W. Bush has done the job he set out to do in office and deserves reelection. But, if I were not so biased, i.e. if Bush had not already served 4 years where I was allowed to view the actions he takes in office, I believe I would still vote for Bush on the following basis:

    1. He has not personally put out ads defaming his opponents and has publicly asked for any ads on the air that do, to come to an end. Hence the reason the “Swift Boat Captains for Truth” ad is no longer played. Kerry, on the other hand attacked Bush for not personally calling out the creators of that ad. If Bush would have, it could have cost him support and caused an embarrassment issue with the creators. The fact that Bush called for the ad to be removed at all is very diplomatic of him, because he did not pay for the ad to be made and was not required to do anything about it.

    2. Bush did not receive a purple heart in the Vietnam incident for shooting himself in the foot. Kerry advocates will argue that at least Kerry served in the military, but Bush did serve in the military, just in the National Guard. In times of war, even when the conflict is not on our home territory, military personnel is still needed to maintain security at home and be on call incase more troops should be needed in what ever country we are fighting. Bush did not dodge the draft like Clinton, but just because he was not in the middle of the conflict does not mean he does not know what was going on. Those who were the guard with Bush have given testimony to the fact that he was a great leader and a trustworthy person, but several of the men who served with Kerry have stated that he can not be trusted. Furthermore, his one kill in Vietnam was a crippled child that was running away from him.

    3. Bush has taken a standpoint on each of the issues and sticks to his beliefs, while considering the beliefs of others. Perhaps maintaining a steadfast position in light of new details is not always a good thing, but at least he hears the issues and judges accordingly. Bush’s faith may not think gay marriages are appropriate, but Bush himself understood that marriages should be between people who love each other, not for the government or an overall church to decide. This nation was founded on many different beliefs, and should continue to be that way. Kerry, on the other hand, decides his viewpoint on the people he is talking to. While it is good to consider your audience, the goal of the speaker should be to persuade those who do not agree to their side of thinking, not to lie to them and say you feel the same way, only to turn around and tell their opposition the same thing.

    4. Bush does not speak down to his audience, even though he graduated from Yale. Bush’s speeches, although probably not written by him, seem to speak directly into the heart of American people. He does not gloss over the facts with words the average American would have to look up, nor does he use technical jargon that is hard to follow. He continues to rally people to his cause, rather than watch them pass out in their seats from boredom. I ask you this, would you rather have someone who you don’t understand giving a speech of something that is important to your future, or someone who will tell you the important things in terms easy to understand?

    It is not for me to decide who people should vote for, but when you do vote, I ask that you consider the facts as they are presented. Be sure you discern the truth between all the propaganda and lies.

    Friday, October 08, 2004

    The Week is Over. . .

    Wow, after a long, hectic week with four papers, a prelab, and lots of regular class stuff to do, it's finally over. I have finished my last class of this Friday and all I have to do now is fix the citations in my DV midterm paper and print it and then I am so DONE! Next week is not nearly as hectic with only a Final Rough Draft and lots of reading on the calendar so far. Thank goodness that I can finally relax.

    I think we're gonna go watch a speech at the ISIS convention tonight, but other than that, I'm going to buy me some icecream and watch a movie or finally get back to working on Mission to see if I can finish it for a contest. . .not to mention finish an essay on global and distance learning for another scholarship. . .maybe I'll get the money to go to Italy after all. . . :)

    MOOD: pretty happy. Needing sleep and sugar relaxation.

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    Last one for this weekend

    Okay last one for this weekend because I really have to write my papers now and stop goofing off before I fail something. . .so um yea. . .I leave in about an hour and I'm pretty much finished packing I just have to get it together and get it down stairs. . .I'll call mom in a little while and say good night and whatever. So, umm. . .yea. . .okay that's it! Have a great weekend!


    Damn I'm busy. . .

    Okay, so I'll be out of town this weekend . . .well at least all day Saturday and I'll have a bunch of papers to write, so don't expect a post from me. . .maybe I'll be able to post sometime next week, but so far it doesn't seem like it. Actually, I should be in bed right now and as soon as I brush my teeth I will be. . .there is much to much joy in sleep to spend too much time writing this tonight. Man there is a lot of shit to do: plan a fund raiser, write 3 papers, journal, get better, start 3 more papers, homework, readings, balance my checkbook, and take care of my neopets - My Pets - well, I'm going now. . .NIGHT!!

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