Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Journal 5 (AdvComp) Cultural Codes

After all this discussion concerning "cultural codes," what have you seen on TV most recently that has caused you to think about them?

“Cultural codes” on television seems like too broad of a spectrum to discuss. I don’t watch TV much, I don’t even have a TV in my dorm room, and the little TV I do watch plays the same set of commercials over and over because it is so late that they just program the server on repeat (those of you who watch Inuyasha and Wolf’s Rain on Adult Swim know what I mean). The one commercial that really sticks in my head, (besides the freaky one for “The Grudge” that made me not want to use the dorm showers) is the one for the Chocolate Factory.

Now I know that that’s cheesy, but I really want one. I am a chocoholic and I can’t help it. It appeals to the cook in me because I know how hard it is to melt chocolate without burning it and keep it melted smoothly. I’ve burnt many a chocolate bunny. Plus, I love making gifts. I could make chocolate gifts for all my chocoholic friends and then we could go to “lose weight/help I’m addicted” meetings together, wouldn’t that be fun? I suppose it says that “The ideal dessert should be/do/have chocolate, but I didn’t need a commercial to tell me that, I’m already an addict. Perhaps on a deeper level it discusses that “the ideal woman should make better desserts her whole family will not be bored with,” but that may be reaching.

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