Friday, September 17, 2010

Woot woot!

So, it's finally Friday -- this week has just drug it's feet on some days, and a couple of others, I looked at the clock with a double take that it was already 2 or already 3 (Then the rest went backwards. . . *HMRPH*

Yesterday, I got home from work and picked up the towels -- after stopping by Target and buying way too much stuff, including cake mix, so I can bake cherry coke cupcakes this weekend.  (They had some really cute Halloween cupcake papers and bone sprinkles, but I didn't buy any of them!  I stayed with the plan.)  What I did get, however, was some 1lb wrist weights because with the stairs I've been climbing at work, I'm not doing much for my upper body.  That's what yesterday's workout was all about.  I did the cardio and the upper/mid fix workouts on my Carmen Electra DVDs, to add another 30 minutes to my 8 flights of stairs (That's 8 down and 8 up.)  That means, I got a full hour.  I'm a little on the tense and sore side today, but I have to go get the mail in a few minutes, so I'll try to keep it up.  I've done it 3 days already this week.  I'll also try to get a little exercise besides walking the mall or Boardwalk this weekend -- maybe I'll take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.  I should also probably get on a scale Sunday.

When I checked the mail after my workout, however, my order from 8ty8beauty had come in!  That's right, China Glaze's Awakening Halloween Polish set.  Here's the display image:  
Aren't they just to die for?  I love the purple one (Mummy May I) and the Orange-y one (Ick-a-Body) Ya know, like Sleepy Hallow?  I think they have great names.  The Green one is Zombie Zest and the other polish is a clear top coat, although a moon light white would have been cool too.  I'll post swatches after I paint with them this weekend, although, there are lots of swatch posts all over the web.  (It took my forever to find someone selling these.  I've searched Ulta, Sally's, and all the mega chains -- I finally found them on one of my e-tailers, but the other is still sold out!)

Anyway, I finished the "Soft Waves" sock, (pictures later) and I've got almost two inches of the "Sherbet Socks," so I hope to add to that too, and I need to fix that last image set from the Northwestern game last weekend, and I want to do some more scrapbooking on my Disney Halloween scrapbook, so I've got a lot to do this weekend.  I hope I can get at least some of it done before it's over.

September 16, 2010: 8 flights down stairs and 8 flights back to the office. Then cardio, upper/mid fix from Carmen Electra  [60 minutes!]

September 17, 2010:  8 flights down, 8 flights up, then 3 more down and 3 more up. [40 minutes]

Have a great weekend, mina-san.  And if you'd tried these, or you're doing your own workout plan, leave a comment and tell me about it!

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