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For those of you, who know anything about me, you know that I am an avid baker, who has an undeniable love for cupcakes.  And I'm not the only one.  Lately, cupcakes have been popping up EVERYWHERE!  I've seen jewelry, t-shirts, socks, shoes, folders, nail accessories, and even scrapbooking items.  There are yarns with cupcake names and my favorite lipgloss is a shimmery purply pink called "CupQuake" from Victoria Secret, that tastes like icing.  Here are some of the newest and cutest cupcake items I've found.

Bake it Pretty                   
                 Bake it Pretty Blog
Bake it Pretty has cup liners, sprinkles, toppers, packages, and everything else you need to make your cupcakes the cutest EVAR!  They have a store and a blog, where they can give you recipe ideas and the shop to get all your ingredients.  My favorite are the shaped sprinkles and colorful nonpareils with the unique cupliners -- Like these: 

Cupcake Cupcake Toppers
Confessions of a Cookbook Queen is a blog by a self-professed cookbook and cake decorating collector.  Not wanting to part with her cupcake toppers, she set about making her own.  I first learned about her blog from EpiCute, but I just couldn't pass up copying down her idea to try it on my own.  Here are her cupcake cupcake toppers:

Cupcake Yarn
Cupcake is a yarn line by Lion Brand.  It is a medium worsted-weight afghan yarn, which means it's on the thicker side, but not too bulky for slipper socks.  It comes in 8 colors, with cute names like "SugarPlum" and "Marshmallow."  Here's my favorite, "Pink Lemonade."

All Things Cupcake
All Things Cupcake is another blog about cute things: Cupcakes.  They feature the best of everything cupcake, from tv shows with cupcakes to reader tattoos.  It's updated daily and has been running since 2007.  They have recipe book reviews, pictures, ideas . . .if it has a cupcake, they have it. And if not, send it to them and they'll be happy to add it to the site.

Epicute is a blog that's part of the famous Cheeseburger Network, which includes LolCats, GraphJam, and FailBlog.  They feature cute food and food items, be it savory or sweet.  Updated daily (or close to it), there's usually some sort of cute cupcake to get the ideas flowing.

Cupcake Nails
So the latest craze in nail art in Japan has been to add bulky acrylic decorations to the acrylic nails before gluing them on.  There are lots of different designs with bows and Hello Kitty and just about everything, but the ones I think are Supa Kawaii are the cupcakes, of course.  I found these on Etsy:  (note: these exact ones are sold out, but she might have more.) 

Then I saw these, and I'm not sure where to get them, but they are so cute.  A little too expensive for these types of things since I'm sure they wouldn't last a week on my beat up hands, but they are really cute anyway.  And I found the last ones a while back and saved them because I wanted to try to paint something similar on my nails so I wouldn't have spent so much money.  The last ones are from the Tokyo Fashion Expo and I think they're the cutest.

I also bought some nail polish called Cupcake by ORLY when I couldn't find the Sprinkles color from China Glaze.  I think they would be very pretty together, what do you think? 

I'll leave you with some random cupcake images I found on Epicute and Etsy.  A quick search on either site will give you the cutest things from jewelry to food boxes to ornaments.   The first two are from Epicute, the second an Etsy vendor.

So forum:  What's your favorite cupcake?

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