Thursday, May 27, 2010

My socks.

Okay, I've been working on my hand-knit socks, and actually making some progress now. I think I have a couple of inches left before I can start the ribbing on the first sock.  The next pair will be knit two-at-a-time in some hand-spun wool that my sister-in-love got me from her trip to Alaska, but those will have to be after the entrelac scarf I'm gonna knit for mom.  It will be my first time trying entrelac and I've heard at the beginning it seems like you're doing everything wrong and all of a sudden it's like magic and beautiful.  Okay -- I know most of you out there don't know what entrelac looks like, so here's a picture of it.

I really like the woven look of this design.  I'm going to do it in variegated yarn with a brown and blue color-way.  My socks are in Schoppel-Woole's Zauberball.  I've heard a couple of different names for this.  The first was Tropical Fish, and more recently Rich Jewels, but the rainbow effect is beautiful for socks.  It's a little expensive at about $20 per ball, but I can get a pair of knee high socks from a single ball, so I think it pays off for this type of work.  I have a couple of little holes in the sides where I transferred from one needle to the next on the circular, but I think it adds some character to my first pair of hand knits.  I knit some baby socks before, which can be seen on my facebook page, but those were simple on size 8 needles.  This is yards and yards of knit on size 1 needles.  They're only 2.25 mm around. 

You can buy Zauberball in several places around the net, but here's the best two sites I've found:

In looking for some more Zauberball colors, I ran across a new yarn that I might have to try out called Flying Saucer -- it makes ring patterns like space particles when knit at the right gauge, which is perfect for socks.  I'm just having trouble finding someone besides a wholeseller that has it for sale.  Even the Schoppel-Woole website is not helpful.  The wholesale site says that "Knitting Under the Influence" here in Shreveport shops from them, I'll just have to find out if I can get it from them and make a trip sometime since their website does not exist.  Here's some of the Zauberball colors: 
Oh, and before I forget, I posted these on FB, but here's the "so far" pictures of my socks.  They fit well and feel good, so that's all that matter. 

So forum,  "What's on your needles?"

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