Tuesday, September 21, 2004

WOW! I'm moving up. . .got a blog.

Yay, okay, so everything is going pretty well here, minus having to kinda re-take a Physics test and taking a test on Old English tomorrow, where as I DON'T KNOW OLD ENGLISH! Ugh! I should probably be learning that right now, but my brain is frazzled at the moment so it will wait.
For those of you here that don't know me, GET A CLUE! J/K. I'm the Weyrd Kat. Ya know, kinda like the Chessire Cat, but not pink and purple - more human. . .or was that alien. . .doesn't matter anyway. You can read this or my site and get to know me a bit better. . .or if you're brave, email me. . .MWAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* :) so. . .umm. . . yea. . .go click or something. . .show's over. . . (okay, leave!)

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