Thursday, September 30, 2004

October hasn't even started and I'm going to hit the wall

Life is about to get major hectic on my end of the world. There is planning a fund raiser to do, several papers to write, a few topics to come up with. ..and most of it is due next week and I haven't really started. So why am I writing this blog and not working? Because it's past midnight and my brain shut down like over an hour ago. . .now all i can do is a bit of research and some recipe printing for the Italy trip fundraiser. I hope I can go in one sense, but I will miss Aaron something serious, especially since he's supposed to be going study for a few weeks in Shreveport and I won't get to see him during those weeks except maybe on the weekends. . :( Anyway, it's late and I was supposed to read but can't but that doesn't mean I don't need to actually go to class, so Later!

Check this out: Meet the President It's hilarious!

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