Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Okay, now while I've had my share a meeting semi-famous people and people who have been on tv shows and stuff, like Brian Brushwood, Ron Irizarry, and my friend Ren (who is on K-Ville and works with Cal Penn,) I absolutely love my job and the celeb exposure it provides me. Since working here in June, I have met no less than 4 big name Hollywood people. . .well they may not be big name to you, but I have seen their work, so it's a big name to me. . .

First, Sharen Davis! She is such a phenomenal designer and so sweet and happy that you can't help but love her to death! In case you don't know, she was the designer on Dream Girls. I met her when she was working on the "Great Debaters" with Denzel Washington. Whom I also met. . .he was really laid back and kinda all over the place. On the day he came in the office, he was in jeans and a white tee. . .and he just kinda looked rugged.

Then yesterday, Matthew Broderick came in for the first time. He seems really introverted and quiet. (Dare I say, skittish?) I mean, he was in jeans but a really nice sweater both days (yesterday and today) but he doesn't talk much and he seems a lot older in person.

Then today was a major celeb day. . .they were casting for Feast, but that's nothing new . . .but Mr. Broderick came back and with him was Ally Walker. . . (well, at least it looked like her.) (AN: It was her.)She didn't even say hi. . .just walked through. . .I guess that's just my Southern Hospitality showing. (AN: When she came back through she was complaining about being tired and was really down to Earth, so I guess she was zoning this morning.)

Then, my favorite celeb sighting so far. . . JODELLE FERLAND!! She is so adorable. . .she just turned 13 this past week, and she's a phenomenal little actress. She's also really nice and loves smores poptarts, just like me! They were trying glasses on her for costuming this morning, and it's just awesome. She was just great in Kingdom Hospital, and although I haven't seen Silent Hill yet, I heard she was just awe-inspiring. I hope I can see her again this afternoon!!

Well, that's it for my brush with Celebrity in Louisiana today. . .I'll have to keep my eyes open and hopefully I'll recognize anymore people coming through!

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