Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Off-lympics

Okay so I don't know if anyone out there has ever had Off-lympics, but I can tell you that four idiots running around a circular hall in rolling office chairs has to be like the funniest thing ever. First race: mano y mano - CC and DD raced each other around the hall while the BC spun circles and watched. . . hilarious, right? But then you add in myself and AP, subtract CC and add the other AP and it gets better. . . those office chairs were flying down the halls running in to desks and walls and spinning like freaking helicopter blades. . . ah sweet killer furniture.

And as if that wasn't enough, Hide-N-Seek was our second event. . . it's spooky in an empty building. . .then you make the elevators go in circles. With only two floors to play on and 3 stairwells and two elevators, there weren't too many places to hide especially when there is only one unlocked room door in the entire building. . .and that was base. Oh my goodness that freaking tile floor was cold. . .my feet were nearly frozen and then I ran all the way around to get to my spot, so I was trying to catch my breath with a twisted ankle in an empty stairwell. . . it echoed so bad I thought I would go deaf. But with the potential of a professor in the building. . .we abandoned that game for Name Tag Search Party.

AB, FAP, and BP hid the two name tags for the bosses in the office and the rest of us had to find them. . .boys can't find anything. . .even if you put it right in front of them. . . like under the hole puncher. . .

End results? A promise for more nametag hijinks later and wishes that we could do it again. . .but unlikely.

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