Tuesday, February 01, 2005


You know, paper writing time is the perfect time to remember that you haven't done a personal blog in quite a long time and so instead of doing your paper on media studies and ideas in analytical writing you convince yourself that you are justified because you wrote a sentence and therefore you can write a full blog and maybe play with the color and text and edit it several times before going back to your paper.


Maybe I just want to feel justified.


Maybe I lie too.

Actually I've done a full page and a half and that's a lot of work on a three page paper. ..half you know. That justifies me reading comics and blogging. After all, I haven't blogged in this one in forever, even if I keep updating Cowboy's Song in the other.

I made it in Argus. Who knows if I won. ..well, Angelin does, but she's the editor. I'm in and that's good enough. . .it's publication and publicity and us writers for all of our solitary lives, love praise. It's a blessing and a curse: The one time we crawl out of our fun little worlds and into the one of harsh reality. Great, huh?

I really must finish now so I can edit while Rico's in class and then print it for tomorrow's rough draft peer-editting session.

Ta Ta For Now!
ME in all my weyrdness.

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