Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mardi Gras

Once again it's that time of year that makes me glad to be in Louisiana. It's Mardi Gras. That time of year where people from all over flock to Houma and New Orleans to get drunk and yell for little plastic trinkets that really don't mean anything unless you know some one who is going to ride the next year, or you're going to sell them to one of the many companies that sells them for more to some first time rider the next year. Of course you could get doubloons, but are you actually going to do something with that? And you could get blow ups, but they just pop and end up all over the house. Stuffed animals are almost like that too, and they're one of the most sought after things on the floats, well minus the underwear and the long thick beads. (known to most as pearls cause of the white ones that vaguely resemble the real thing.) I personally like to play with the stuffed animals, but unfortunately for my parents and happily for me, they end up piling up in my room. . .lots and lots of variations of teddies and such. My favorite are the pandas, but they're pretty rare. I did get a funny little dancing reindeer tonight though. It sings "rocking robin." Kinda cute, but not really. Maybe he'll grow on me, and maybe I'll just throw him in the hammock with the rest of my stuffed toys. . .There are quite a few of them up there now, and I keep getting more. Maybe I'll give them as throws one year, or I'll pass them on to my kids. . . something. . .

Okay, Ghost in the Shell is coming on, later.


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