Monday, February 28, 2011

When life comes crashing in

Hi bloggers!

Lately, I know I’ve been neglecting this page and I’m really sorry.  With all the things going on, some days I’m not sure that I have enough time to breathe, and I’ve been told that that is a good thing to continue doing. Breathing, that is, not stressing.  Right now at work, I’ve been scheduling, rescheduling, and doing dictations since my co-worker was out 4 days for a funeral.  The other co-worker has been out so long that we just do her job anyway, so I was doing the work of 3 for a couple days.  When I’m not doing that, I’ve been trying to plan the wedding for October and worrying myself sick over what’s going to happen next in our lives because I don’t know where I’m going or what I’ll be doing, and it’s really hard to plan with nothing set in stone.  

Right now, we’re juggling 3 places: Oklahoma, Houston, TX, and Memphis, TN.  Oklahoma is at the bottom of the stack, and of course since we like it least, it’s the most promising.  Next is Houston, which means I have to apply to RICE, which boasts a great school, but an outrageous tuition.  I’m finding that so many schools require a masters to get into the PhD program now a days, which is ridiculous.  OSU, Tulsa, Houston . . . so far RICE and Memphis don’t, however.  And Tulsa has a great program that does a MA in 2 years, and then a PhD in about 3, so I could finish everything.  OSU were jerks and they recommended a MS – excuse me? For a PhD in Arts?  Don’t you care what the master’s is in?  Needless to say, I will not be applying there.  I’ve sent my application to Memphis, and it looks like Tulsa and RICE will be next. 

When I have a few minutes, I’ve been wedding planning – I have 3 weddings I’m going to be in within like 6 months, so I’m trying to make sure everything is accounted for mine because I’ll have to buy 2 other dresses and gifts.
  Mo is in September, I’m in October, and Stac is in April.  Then the following September or October is Mich.  Of course, this April is also Linds – so many wedding so close together. 

Once again, Honey and I have been trying to get everything taken care of and trying not to dissolve into a big hot mess of indecision. So far, I’ve got the dress, the venue, the date, the officiant (although I have to talk to him regarding that fact) and I have my wedding party.
  After that, well, let’s just say we’re working on it but it’s not helping.  I think honey is going to book the DJ today – and I have to call the caterers, but it’s really hard at work with the boss over my shoulder all day.  I’m down to 3 different ones, but I haven’t been able to speak with one at all ‘cause there is no answering machine and they were busy.  The other two I have to work on the menu – unfortunately, no one down there has the same palate that I do, and I’m having to ditch things I like for things that will get eaten.  It’s really sad to starve on your wedding day because you don’t eat all the “home cooked” food people think you should.  Honey’s the same way I guess – except he can eat chicken, and not worry about wearing every little crumb.  After that, the things left are the limo and the flowers and making sure my wedding party is dressed – my girls I’m letting pick their own dress as long as it’s the right color.  The boys, well, Honey will have to handle that end. 

So – I already have the dress, but I thought you’d like to see the ones I looked at and you can guess which one I picked.
  Oh, that reminds me, I have to email the photographer AGAIN and see when we can set up engagements – Since we’ve booked, the only time she messages me is when she’s worried we’re changing something.  Questions go right out the window!  ARGH!!


 Dress One
 Dress Two
 Dress Three

So leave me a comment and let me know which dress you think I chose.  I might chose a random correct answer for a prize!


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  1. hi kat! thanks so much for entering my paper star giveaway! umm i LOVE dress #2 - which one did you pick?? good luck with wedding planning and doing the job of three people (!!) AND your school applications!
    don't forget to breathe, i also hear that's key to life.
    have a great weekend!