Friday, April 16, 2010

Keeping Busy.

Gomen nasai – I am so sorry.

I told you guys I’m horrible about actually keeping track and updating things.  Yesterday was the deadline for the 2nd Annual Little Miss Matched Project Sock contest, and I’m happy to say that I sent in 3 entries.  Maybe I’ll do a few next year.  I had one character, one animal print, and one weather design and I think they came out good.  I’ll update everyone when voting begins to look at the participants.  I’m still meeting with Dawn to work on our knitting class on Thursdays, so anyone in the Shreveport area who wants to be in a Stitch and Bitch, you can leave me a message and I’ll give you the details, or you can come.  We meet in the BRI at about 5:20.  Just message me before you come so I can make sure we’re meeting that week.  I’ve been making a little progress on my rainbow knee socks.  I’m up over the ankle and about to start the increases for the calf area.  They’re just beautiful in that ShoppenWoole tropical fish yarn.  It’s really fine, so the needles are tiny – size 1, which makes the work go pretty slow, but it makes the work that much better.  I’ll post the pictures as soon as I get them off my phone.  You’ll be able to see my pointy heel – I think the other will work out better, but it fits well for my first pair of socks and my first time with the short-row heel work.  I’ll try to post some of my scrapbook pages as I get them finished as well. Other than that, work has been busy and so I’m keeping my home life simple.

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Ja ne!

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