Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There is a reason. . .

Okay, last couple of entries I talked about blogging more as a way to make myself write, but Aaron suggested that I start journaling as I did in high school and it's true, I kept a pretty updated journal from junior high until the start of college and it really helped me keep my thoughts organized enough to write, so i've picked up a notebook and started a new journal. I don't know if I will keep it in the notebook, since I can use all kinds of paper and clippings in a binder and I have an empty binder at mom's that I can put everything in. It will also help me to keep track of some of my pictures and ticket stubs and what not so keep it updated. I can't wait to go home for Easter and get it now. I've even started writing on one of my other stories recently to take a break from Mission so that I don't get overwhelmed with it and put it aside for as long a time this time. I think I'll update that on the Writing blog, so check it out, it's called Senator and I think it will make a great novel, or maybe even novella. I think there is a bit much there for a short story, but sometimes all of the background just makes the characters that much more mysterious. I don't want them to be boring.

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